0800 Collect is temporarily unavailable.

We're currently making improvements to 0800 Collect, while this happens the service won't be available to call. Sorry. We'll post further updates on this page.

Run out of credit?

No loose change?

Then it's time to call 0800 Collect!

0800 Collect is perfect for those times when you need to contact someone but have no way of doing so. Whether you've run out of credit, lost your phone, or run out of change for the payphone, you can use
0800 Collect to call a mobile phone*, with no charge to you.

The call charges are added to the call recipient's regular mobile account or deducted from their available pre-paid credit, if they choose to accept the call and the charges.

0800 Collect allows you to make a collect call from mobile phones and most fixed lines or payphones to a mobile phone*, at no cost to you.
Simply call 0800 2-6-5-5-3-2-8 and follow the recorded voice prompts.

With 0800 COLLECT you will always be in reach of your family and friends.

*Vodafone, Telecom, 2degrees